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What Makes Kenya Coffee Special?

Kenya coffee beans are renowned for their exceptional taste and quality due to several factors. The unique flavor profile of Kenyan coffee is attributed to the country's high altitudes, fertile soil, and ideal climate conditions. The high altitudes allow the coffee cherries to mature slowly. resulting in a denser bean with more concentrated flavors. The rich volcanic soil in regions like Meru contributes to the beans' distinctive acidity and fruity notes. Overall, these factors combine to create a coffee experience that is vibrant, complex, and highly sought after by coffee enthusiasts worldwide. 


Are We Organic?

Specialty coffee is a high-quality coffee that is graded and rated based on its flavor profile and the skill of the roaster. Organic coffee is grown using methods that do not involve synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and must meet certain certification standards. Both specialty and organic coffee are considered premium options, but obtaining organic certification can be more expensive for farmers and roasters, making it a "pay to play" program. 

We are currently not an organic certified coffee as it is an extensive process to undertake but we do abide by many of the contingencies that are in the program. 

Where is Our Coffee Sourced?

We carefully select our coffee from the equatorial region of Meru/Mt Kenya. Our packaged coffee consists of premium, single origin, grade AA Arabica beans. Ensuring top-notch quality, and delightful taste for our customers is our priority, which is why we priortize fair trade practices to maintin fairness between farmers and consumers.

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