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Our Story.

Peek behind the scenes of Limiri Farms, and you'll discover a compelling story of visionary individuals whose deep passion fuses the realms of agriculture and business. George Limiri, a native of Kenya, nurtured his love for agriculture from an early age. In a serendipitous twist, he crossed paths with Mekenze, born and raised in Utah, USA. Together, they are embarking on a shared journey, raising a beautiful family, and in 2019, they chose to make Kenya their home. 

Today, the Limiri Family thrives in the rural heart of Meru, Kenya, where their unwavering dedication drives the growth of their agri-business. Their commitment revolves around delivering top-tier products to all customers, ensuring that the Limiri Farms name is synonymous with quality. A prime example of this commitment shines through in their exceptional coffee.

So, from the lush fields of Kenya to your cup, relish every delightful sip.

Our Team.

At our coffee business, we're all about bridging the gap between Kenya and the US! Our team is made up of passionate individuals from both Kenya and America, each playing a vital role in our startup. Our Kenyan team works closely with local farmers in the beautiful Meru/Mt Kenya region, sourcing the finest coffee beans. They handle everything from planting and growing, to roasting and packaging the beans. On the other side of the world, our dedicated American team takes charge of shipping out packages and ensuring top-notch customer service. Together, we're excited to bring the taste of Meru to your morning cup, creating a truly global coffee experience. Join us on this journey and savor the unique flavors that connect us across continents. 

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